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vandaag: donderdag 24 augustus 2017

Escape Rooms: The Inca's Doom & The Grand Casino

Escape Rooms: The Inca's Doom & The Grand Casino

Bosweg 19 2131 LX Hoofddorp
+31 (023) 556 00 55
prijs informatie
  • iedere woensdag t/m zondag - 14.00 tot 23.00 uur

In October two challenging and exciting rooms opened at Escape World Hoofddorp: The Inca’s Doom & the Grand Casino

Escape World is an exciting escape-the-room adventure for groups of 2 to 16 people. Escape World Hoofddorp has 3 rooms with two themes: The Inca’s Doom and the Grand Casino. You and your team experience an action-packed tour through ancient or contemporary history, engaging all the senses. In a timeframe of max. 1 hour, you and your team attempt to trace the mysterious puzzle pieces or to break into the safe by completing different assignments. It’s a great experience, in which you are constantly challenged to act (fast), use your head and work together in a team.

- 2 unique scape rooms for 2 to 16 players
- No regular escape rooms, but moving break-in rooms with the coolest mechanical and electronical puzzles.
- Great experience for friends, families and companies
- The ideal team outing for companies.